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Bitcoin QT Core wallet issues

Hi, I need your help.
I've historically used bitcoin core for my wallet. I hadn't made a transaction in maybe 2 years, so I had a lot of updating to do on the block chain. I'm about a year out, and it keeps crashing. I've tried reindexing to no avail.
At this point, all I want are my private keys to get my btc and any other forks the hell out of this archaic wallet.
I do have some back-ups, the last one taken just after my last transaction and another taken today, although the blockchain itself was not fully updated as stated.

Any suggestions?
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Bitcoin-qt core wallet not seeing it's own address balance /r/Bitcoin

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The bitcoin-qt core wallet in pruned mode, cold storage and scaling: test results.

First a wallet was created in the following way:
bitcoin-qt -connect=wrong_ip_address -prune=550 -listen=0 -datadir=/home/use.bitcoin_pruned &
The trick here is to add a wrong ip address so bitcoin-qt won't start loading blocks. The -listen=0 makes it possible to run bitcoin-qt while bitcoind (as a full archival node) is running in the background on the same computer.
Now some "watch only" addresses, that already had some bitcoin in them, were added
(in bitcoin-qt: help -> Debug window -> Console)
importaddress watch_only_address "" false
The pruned blockchain was then created by inserting the correct ip address (pointing to my node) or by removing "-connect=ip_address" completely.
Because bitcoin-qt was not the only program, creating the pruned blockchain was a very long process that took about 5 days! I could speed up the process a lot by turning off bitcoind and running the pruned node as a bitcoind with some extra priority:
sudo /usbin/ionice -c 2 -n 0 /usbin/nice -n -20 ./bitcoind -datadir=/home/use.bitcoin_pruned/
Had I done that from the start, it could have been much faster and maybe 1 or 2 days would have been enough.
The final pruned blockchain has a size of: 2542 MB so about 2.5 GB.
I now moved the wallet.dat to wallet.dat_back and restarted bitcoin-qt. The program will create a new wallet that can be used to receive and then send transactions. If you now add a private key that already has some bitcoins in it, they will NOT be visible. There is no reason for that as the balances (not the history) are in the UTXO set.
I now started bitcoin-qt with the original wallet.dat file. The bitcoins in the watch only addresses are now visible. I then imported the private key of one of the addresses but the move of the bitcoins from "Watch only" to "Spendable" was not visible in bitcoin-qt. However, after a restart of bitcoin-qt the funds were visible in the "Spendable" section of the wallet. I then did a transaction to another address. Now in this case I want the change of the transaction to stay within MY "watch only" addresses and they shouldn't move to the (arbitrary) addresses created when the wallet was created. This is fortunate possible in bitcoin-qt. You have to choose in bitcoin-qt:
Settings -> Options -> Wallet -> Enable coin controle features.
It is then possible to choose the return address to be one of the watch only addresses (with or without bitcoins in them). It all worked just fine! It is not clear to me why bitcoin-qt has the option to "importprunedfunds", that doesn't seem necessary.
Of course, a big thank you to all developers who implemented the currently available great features.
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Bitcoin-QT/Core not Syncing

So I started downloading the Bitcoin-QT client to run my own node. At first there blockchain download was fast but now it's grinded to a halt, staying between 0.00%-0.09% increase per hour. I've tried reinstalling on macOS but still nada. Any one got any advice?
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Bitcoin-QT/Core not Syncing /r/Bitcoin

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The bitcoin-qt core wallet in pruned mode, cold storage and scaling: test results. /r/Bitcoin

The bitcoin-qt core wallet in pruned mode, cold storage and scaling: test results. /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Can you please help to validate my cold storage setup?

I would like to create a Bitcoin QT Core node without any connection to the internet, and I want to use that node to create transactions.
I plan to have two machines. One that runs the offline node, and another that is online.
I want to sync the blockchain on the online node. And when I need to make a transaction on the offline node, then I would going to update it's blockchain by copying it from the online node using an external HDD.
And when I copied the blockchain to the offline node, I want to use the QT core to create and sign the transaction then get the raw transaction data from the console by TX ID and broadcast it with some online service.
I will scan the external HDD for viruses on both machines, plus I will verify the checksums to make sure the files I copy are valid.
In this scenario the offline node will be a bit outdated at the moment when I want to create the transaction, because of the delay that happens while I copy the files from the online node to the offline one.
Will it still allow me to create the transaction? Is there any other factor that could prevent this setup working?
I know I could import the addresses to the online node, create the transaction and sign it on the offline node, but I want to avoid that because I plan to have thousands of addresses.
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What’s the difference between Bitcoin-Qt and Bitcoin Core?

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Reddcoin (RDD) 02/20 Progress Report - Core Wallet v3.1 Evolution & PoSV v2 - Commits & More Commits to v3.1! (Bitcoin Core 0.10, MacOS Catalina, QT Enhanced Speed and Security and more!)

Reddcoin (RDD) Core Dev Team Informal Progress Report, Feb 2020 - As any blockchain or software expert will confirm, the hardest part of making successful progress in blockchain and crypto is invisible to most users. As developers, the Reddcoin Core team relies on internal experts like John Nash, contributors offering their own code improvements to our repos (which we would love to see more of!) and especially upstream commits from experts working on open source projects like Bitcoin itself. We'd like tothank each and everyone who's hard work has contributed to this progress.
As part of Reddcoin's evolution, and in order to include required security fixes, speed improvements that are long overdue, the team has up to this point incorporated the following code commits since our last v3.0.1 public release. In attempting to solve the relatively minor font display issue with MacOS Catalina, we uncovered a complicated interweaving of updates between Reddcoin Core, QT software, MacOS SDK, Bitcoin Core and related libraries and dependencies that mandated we take a holistic approach to both solve the Catalina display problem, but in doing so, prepare a more streamlined overall build and test system, allowing the team to roll out more frequent and more secure updates in the future. And also to include some badly needed fixes in the current version of Core, which we have tentatively labeled Reddcoin Core Wallet v3.1.
Note: As indicated below, v3.1 is NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD BY PUBLIC. We wil advise when it is.
The new v3.1 version should be ready for internal QA and build testing by the end of this week, with luck, and will be turned over to the public shortly thereafter once testing has proven no unexpected issues have been introduced. We know the delay has been a bit extended for our ReddHead MacOS Catalina stakers, and we hope to have them all aboard soon. We have moved with all possible speed while attempting to incorproate all the required work, testing, and ensuring security and safety for our ReddHeads.
Which leads us to: PoSV v2 activation and the supermajority on Mainnet at the time of this writing has reached 5625/9000 blocks or 62.5%. We have progressed quite well and without any reported user issues since release, but we need all of the community to participate! This activation, much like the funding mechanisms currently being debated by BCH and others, and employed by DASH, will mean not only a catalyst for Reddcoin but ensure it's future by providing funding for the dev team. As a personal plea from the team, please help us support the PoSV v2 activation by staking your RDD, no matter how large or small your amount of stake.
Every block and every RDD counts, and if you don't know how, we'll teach you! Live chat is fun as well as providing tech support you can trust from devs and community ReddHead members. Join us today in staking and online and collect some RDD "rain" from users and devs alike!
If you're holding Reddcoin and not staking, or you haven't upgraded your v2.x wallet to v3.0.1 (current release), we need you to help achieve consensus and activate PoSV v2! For details, see the pinned message here or our website or medium channel. Upgrade is simple and takes moments; if you're nervous or unsure, we're here to help live in Telegram or Discord, as well as other chat programs. See our website for links.
Look for more updates shortly as our long-anticipated Reddcoin Payment Gateway and Merchant Services API come online with point-of-sale support, as we announce the cross-crypto-project Aussie firefighter fundraiser program, as well as a comprehensive update to our development roadmap and more.
Work has restarted on ReddID and multiple initiatives are underway to begin educating and sharing information about ReddID, what it is, and how to use it, as we approach a releasable ReddID product. We enthusiastically encourage anyone interested in working to bring these efforts to life, whether writers, UX/UI experts, big data analysts, graphic artists, coders, front-end, back-end, AI, DevOps, the Reddcoin Core dev team is growing, and there's more opportunity and work than ever!
Bring your talents to a community and dev team that truly appreciates it, and share the Reddcoin Love!
And now, lots of commits. As v3.1 is not yet quite ready for public release, these commits have not been pushed publicly, but in the interests of sharing progress transparently, and including our ReddHead community in the process, see below for mind-numbing technical detail of work accomplished.
e5c143404 - - 2014-08-07 - Ross Nicoll - Changed LevelDB cursors to use scoped pointers to ensure destruction when going out of scope. *99a7dba2e - - 2014-08-15 - Cory Fields - tests: fix test-runner for osx. Closes ##4708 *8c667f1be - - 2014-08-15 - Cory Fields - build: add to the list of meta-depends *bcc1b2b2f - - 2014-08-15 - Cory Fields - depends: fix shasum on osx < 10.9 *54dac77d1 - - 2014-08-18 - Cory Fields - build: add option for reducing exports (v2) *6fb9611c0 - - 2014-08-16 - randy-waterhouse - build : fix CPPFLAGS for libbitcoin_cli *9958cc923 - - 2014-08-16 - randy-waterhouse - build: Add --with-utils (bitcoin-cli and bitcoin-tx, default=yes). Help string consistency tweaks. Target sanity check fix. *342aa98ea - - 2014-08-07 - Cory Fields - build: fix automake warnings about the use of INCLUDES *46db8ad51 - - 2020-02-18 - John Nash - build: add build.h to the correct target *a24de1e4c - - 2014-11-26 - Pavel Janík - Use complete path to include bitcoin-config.h. *fd8f506e5 - - 2014-08-04 - Wladimir J. van der Laan - qt: Demote ReportInvalidCertificate message to qDebug *f12aaf3b1 - - 2020-02-17 - John Nash - build: QT5 compiled with fPIC require fPIC to be enabled, fPIE is not enough *7a991b37e - - 2014-08-12 - Wladimir J. van der Laan - build: check for sys/prctl.h in the proper way *2cfa63a48 - - 2014-08-11 - Wladimir J. van der Laan - build: Add mention of --disable-wallet to bdb48 error messages *9aa580f04 - - 2014-07-23 - Cory Fields - depends: add shared dependency builder *8853d4645 - - 2014-08-08 - Philip Kaufmann - [Qt] move SubstituteFonts() above ToolTipToRichTextFilter *0c98e21db - - 2014-08-02 - Ross Nicoll - URLs containing a / after the address no longer cause parsing errors. *7baa77731 - - 2014-08-07 - ntrgn - Fixes ignored qt 4.8 codecs path on windows when configuring with --with-qt-libdir *2a3df4617 - - 2014-08-06 - Cory Fields - qt: fix unicode character display on osx when building with 10.7 sdk *71a36303d - - 2014-08-04 - Cory Fields - build: fix race in 'make deploy' for windows *077295498 - - 2014-08-04 - Cory Fields - build: Fix 'make deploy' when binaries haven't been built yet *ffdcc4d7d - - 2014-08-04 - Cory Fields - build: hook up qt translations for static osx packaging *25a7e9c90 - - 2014-08-04 - Cory Fields - build: add --with-qt-translationdir to configure for use with static qt *11cfcef37 - - 2014-08-04 - Cory Fields - build: teach macdeploy the -translations-dir argument, for use with static qt *4c4ae35b1 - - 2014-07-23 - Cory Fields - build: Find the proper xcb/pcre dependencies *942e77dd2 - - 2014-08-06 - Cory Fields - build: silence mingw fpic warning spew *e73e2b834 - - 2014-06-27 - Huang Le - Use async name resolving to improve net thread responsiveness *c88e76e8e - - 2014-07-23 - Cory Fields - build: don't let libtool insert rpath into binaries *18e14e11c - - 2014-08-05 - ntrgn - build: Fix windows configure when using --with-qt-libdir *bb92d65c4 - - 2014-07-31 - Cory Fields - test: don't let the port number exceed the legal range *62b95290a - - 2014-06-18 - Cory Fields - test: redirect comparison tool output to stdout *cefe447e9 - - 2014-07-22 - Cory Fields - gitian: remove unneeded option after last commit *9347402ca - - 2014-07-21 - Cory Fields - build: fix broken boost chrono check on some platforms *c9ed039cf - - 2014-06-03 - Cory Fields - build: fix whitespace in pkg-config variable *3bcc5ad37 - - 2014-06-03 - Cory Fields - build: allow linux and osx to build against static qt5 *01a44ba90 - - 2014-07-17 - Cory Fields - build: silence false errors during make clean *d1fbf7ba2 - - 2014-07-08 - Cory Fields - build: fix win32 static linking after libtool merge *005ae2fa4 - - 2014-07-08 - Cory Fields - build: re-add AM_LDFLAGS where it's overridden *37043076d - - 2014-07-02 - Wladimir J. van der Laan - Fix the Qt5 build after d95ba75 *f3b4bbf40 - - 2014-07-01 - Wladimir J. van der Laan - qt: Change serious messages from qDebug to qWarning *f4706f753 - - 2014-07-01 - Wladimir J. van der Laan - qt: Log messages with type>QtDebugMsg as non-debug *98e85fa1f - - 2014-06-06 - Pieter Wuille - libsecp256k1 integration *5f1f2e226 - - 2020-02-17 - John Nash - Merge branch 'switch_verification_code' into Build *1f30416c9 - - 2014-02-07 - Pieter Wuille - Also switch the (unused) verification code to low-s instead of even-s. *1c093d55e - - 2014-06-06 - Cory Fields - secp256k1: Add build-side changes for libsecp256k1 *7f3114484 - - 2014-06-06 - Cory Fields - secp256k1: add libtool as a dependency *2531f9299 - - 2020-02-17 - John Nash - Move network-time related functions to timedata.cpp/h *d003e4c57 - - 2020-02-16 - John Nash - build: fix build weirdness after 54372482. *7035f5034 - - 2020-02-16 - John Nash - Add ::OUTPUT_SIZE *2a864c4d8 - - 2014-06-09 - Cory Fields - crypto: create a separate lib for crypto functions *03a4e4c70 - - 2014-06-09 - Cory Fields - crypto: explicitly check for byte read/write functions *a78462a2a - - 2014-06-09 - Cory Fields - build: move bitcoin-config.h to its own directory *a885721c4 - - 2014-05-31 - Pieter Wuille - Extend and move all crypto tests to crypto_tests.cpp *5f308f528 - - 2014-05-03 - Pieter Wuille - Move {Read,Write}{LE,BE}{32,64} to common.h and use builtins if possible *0161cc426 - - 2014-05-01 - Pieter Wuille - Add built-in RIPEMD-160 implementation *deefc27c0 - - 2014-04-28 - Pieter Wuille - Move crypto implementations to src/crypto/ *d6a12182b - - 2014-04-28 - Pieter Wuille - Add built-in SHA-1 implementation. *c3c4f9f2e - - 2014-04-27 - Pieter Wuille - Switch miner.cpp to use sha2 instead of OpenSSL. *b6ed6def9 - - 2014-04-28 - Pieter Wuille - Remove getwork() RPC call *0a09c1c60 - - 2014-04-26 - Pieter Wuille - Switch script.cpp and hash.cpp to use sha2.cpp instead of OpenSSL. *8ed091692 - - 2014-04-20 - Pieter Wuille - Add a built-in SHA256/SHA512 implementation. *0c4c99b3f - - 2014-06-21 - Philip Kaufmann - small cleanup in src/compat .h and .cpp *ab1369745 - - 2014-06-13 - Cory Fields - sanity: hook up sanity checks *f598c67e0 - - 2014-06-13 - Cory Fields - sanity: add libc/stdlib sanity checks *b241b3e13 - - 2014-06-13 - Cory Fields - sanity: autoconf check for sys/select.h *cad980a4f - - 2019-07-03 - John Nash - build: Add a top-level forwarding target for src/ objects *f4533ee1c - - 2019-07-03 - John Nash - build: qt: split locale resources. Fixes non-deterministic distcheck *4a0e46e76 - - 2019-06-29 - John Nash - build: fix version dependency *2f61699d9 - - 2019-06-29 - John Nash - build: quit abusing AMCPPFLAGS *99b60ba49 - - 2019-06-29 - John Nash - build: avoid the use of top and abs_ dir paths *c8f673d5d - - 2019-06-29 - John Nash - build: Tidy up file generation output *5318bce57 - - 2019-06-29 - John Nash - build: nuke Makefile.include from orbit *672a25349 - - 2019-06-29 - John Nash - build: add stub makefiles for easier subdir builds *562b7c5a6 - - 2020-02-08 - John Nash - build: delete old's *066120079 - - 2020-02-08 - John Nash - build: Switch to non-recursive make
Whew! No wonder it's taken the dev team a while! :)
TL;DR: Trying to fix MacOS Catalina font display led to requiring all kinds of work to migrate and evolve the Reddcoin Core software with Apple, Bitcoin and QT components. Lots of work done, v3.1 public release soon. Also other exciting things and ReddID back under active dev effort.
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Help appreciated: bitcoin-qt runs fine on mac, copy dir to linux, bitcoind doesn't like it.

TL;DR: It's ok to ignore this post, you're not my personal tech support. :)
I've been running a full bitcoin-qt core node on and off on my mac without issues for years (well, until I hosed my blockchain, had to reindex and came here to vent about how slow it was - fixed thanks to yogibreakdance).
I'm trying to move it to a Raspberry Pi so I can have it running full time inside a closet and have the blockchain always up to date, available to sync back to the mac to move my BTC when I need to.
After copying the whole bitcoin dir to the RPI, bitcoind immediately throws "Error initializing block database", removes most of the chainstate contents and stops.
I tried changing file permissions, deleting everything except the blocks and chainstate dirs, using a config file appropriate for the RPI... No change.
If I run bitcoind -reindex-chainstate, it seems to work. At least it starts reindexing, but I don't have the patience to wait till it finishes, it might take months.
Some possibly relevant info: On the mac side the blockchain is stored on a 4 TB Mac OS Extended external disk, on the RPI side it's stored on a 1TB Ext4 external disk, published through samba and mounted on the mac. I use "rsync -rt --size-only" to move the files. Both bitcoin clients are v0.17.0.1. Empty wallet on both sides. On the RPI side, dirs are 777 and files 600 (I tried 777 too).
A couple of weeks ago I had it running, the only difference was that the RPI drive was formatted as NTFS. I switched to Ext4 because NTFS was slow and didn't play nice with the mac.
My google-fu got me nowhere. Hoping someone here might point me in the right direction.
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Transaction hasn't confirmed even once in over 24 hours

Can anyone tell me why this transaction hasn't confirmed? Thanks in advance! 1 BTC sent from wallet in bitcoin-qt (core) 0.8.6
TX info from blockcypher:
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Lost password - Anything I can do?

EDIT: Solved! I used btcrecover with help from schnief1898!
Hi, I bought 0.1BTC back in 2013 for around £50. I used Bitcoin Qt on Windows 7 (or Bitcoin Core as it is called now) as a wallet to store my coins on my old PC. I don't ever remember encrypting my wallet with a password.
I then pretty much forgot about it for a few years. After the price started to skyrocket I decided to transfer my wallet to a new PC as my old one was starting to show it's age and I was worried that the hard drive might die.
I copied the wallet.dat onto my new PC and downloaded the latest version of Bitcoin Qt (Core) and let it re-sync the entire blockchain which took a few days.
The client on my new PC is saying that the wallet is secured and encrypted and prompts for a password when I try to view the private key which I can't remember.
I'm not exaggerating when I say I am 95% certain I didn't set a password for my wallet. However, there is a chance I could be completely wrong and I did and I just forgot it as it was back in 2013.
I can't remember how the setting of passwords even works in Bitcoin Core. Does it prompt you to encrypt as soon as you make a new wallet? Do you have to specifically set one after receiving a payment? Is there a default password? Did moving my wallet.dat from an old version of the client to the new one encrypt it somehow?
Is there anything I can do or am I completely screwed? Thanks for any help in advance.
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1 Year Ago Today. Hearn's email to Satoshi "Thinking about a fork"

This email leaked some months ago:
(It's the second email at the link.) I suspect many people reading about the block size debate are unaware of how long the XT fork has been planned.
Here's the beginning:
Forking Bitcoin-Qt/Core has been coming up more and more often lately in conversation (up from zero not that long ago). Gavin even suggested me and him fork it ... I pointed out that maintainers don't normally fork their own software
Here's the end:
I know you won't return and that's wise, but sometimes I wish you'd left a clearer design manifesto before handing the reigns over to Gavin, who is increasingly burned out due to all the arguments (as am I).
Hearn's recent comment indicates he is writing his own manifesto now, to be released with a new version of XT soon.
I may as well add something provocative. This is a coup that's been planned for a long time. It will fail, but it will be ugly. When the dust settles, a large part of the current community (those who supported the attempted coup) will have left.
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ALERT: Windows Defender detects Dakuma.1935 virus in chainstate.

Hello everyone, I lurk, watch and read, but today I a posting for the first time because of what happened this morning.
This morning after opening Bitcoin QT Core 0.9.0, Windows Defender blocked certain chainstates claiming it detected a Dakuma.1935 virus. This detection has also shut down my Bitcoin QT.
I searched online for more info, there were no real details about it. Major antivirus companies know about it (calling it something else), but none have any details on it yet. I find it strange that I cannot find any details whatsoever about this, no other posts, etc. Did anyone else experience this?
This might be nothing, but it might be something nefarious which must be addressed immediately.
Does anyone know of this, experienced the same thing or know how to fix it?
Thanks. Digicoin
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What happens to my node on 1 Aug?

I run a full node with bitcoin-qt/core. I started it as a purely altruistic measure to support BTC. After searching around I can't find a solid answer on what will happen to it on 1 Aug with all the possible outcomes. I don't keep my coins in that wallet.
Do I have options running a node to influence the outcome? Regardless, what's the way forward with the potential changes after 1 August?
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HOW TO BITCOIN: I read the intro material and still don't understand what's going on.

Please, someone explain how I can buy bitcoin with credit card safely and keep the coin safe and transferable across different devices. I am using Bitcoin-Qt (core) on Mac.
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Liquid Core adds Qt wallet interface for confidential transactions for liquid-bitcoin (L-BTC) and confidential assets.

Liquid Core adds Qt wallet interface for confidential transactions for liquid-bitcoin (L-BTC) and confidential assets. submitted by adam3us to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Bitcoin Core slow with Rescanning...

I'm using Bitcoin QT Core, and have the full blockchain on my computer.
After changing the wallet.dat I've been using to a different wallet.dat, I'm getting a "Rescanning... N%" window about the client supposedly rescanning something.
It takes more than 1 hour to finish this rescanning, and it's worrying, because I have at least 10 wallet.dat files, some might be the same as others, and it's been the 3rd wallet I tried that seemingly has the same transactions, and I'm not sure if all the wallets are really the same, or just Bitcoin Core is not actually reading the different wallet.dat file.
So any way I can speed up or eliminate this really slow "rescanning"?
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Questions regarding wallet recovery

Been in the Bitcoin space since 2012, so I am a bit embarrassed to ask these questions.
I have a bunch of Bitcoin QT/core wallets ranging from 2013-2015 that I know for a fact have transactions histories on them. I am trying to look at potential funds on them (0.1BTC and whatnot left over on them). However, when I look at them, I find a 0 balance and no transaction history, even when the wallet.dat file is like 300-500kb when they are usually 80kb. All of my wallets would have been encrypted. My question is, would you see the balance/transaction history before decrypting the wallet? If so, can anyone think of a reason why I don't see anything in these wallets?
Which leads me to my next question, when I move these wallets, every time I restart Bitcoin Core it rescans the network. Is there any way/software that I can import multiple wallet.dat files to check all the wallets at once rather than waiting 1-2 hours between files for rescans.
Thank you all so much, and god bless Bitcoin!
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STILL a safe way to create a paper wallet?

Years ago I used to download Bitcoin QT/Core (not sure what it's called now) on an offline laptop, generate a couple of addresses offline then go into console and dump the private keys, store the private keys on digital media and some paper wallets then send the Bitcoin to those addresses.
Is this still secure? I don't really care if there's an easier way, I like this way...
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[uncensored-r/Bitcoin] Bitcoin Core slow with Rescanning...

The following post by amcsi is being replicated because the post has been silently removed.
The original post can be found(in censored form) at this link: Bitcoin/comments/7a33bi
The original post's content was as follows:
I'm using Bitcoin QT Core, and have the full blockchain on my computer.
After changing the wallet.dat I've been using to a different wallet.dat, I'm getting a "Rescanning... N%" window about the client supposedly rescanning something.
It takes more than 1 hour to finish this rescanning, and it's worrying, because I have at least 10 wallet.dat files, some might be the same as others, and it's been the 3rd wallet I tried that seemingly has the same transactions, and I'm not sure if all the wallets are really the same, or just Bitcoin Core is not actually reading the different wallet.dat file.
So any way I can speed up or eliminate this really slow "rescanning"?
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Help with staking coins Please

Hello everyone!
I am new to Hyper, and the Hyper qt wallet.
I am seeing that I have to decrypt my wallet, or at least 'unlock' it with my encryption pass phrase in order to stake coins. Is this correct? It seems counter secure, considering I was under the impression I should have my wallet encrypted to prevent possible theft. I have no experience with Bitcoin QT/Core either, only Lightweight clients.
Also, can anybody ELI5 how the staking works? Thae video posted on this subreddit does not explain it. How often is it compounded? 5%, but how often?
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2018 03 04 How to Use the Bitcoin Core Wallet Part 1 Getting your Private Keys from the Bitcoin Core wallet ... 6. bitcoin-qt How to run Bitcoin Core on external Hard Drive 4. Installing Bitcoin Core on Linux

Bitcoin-Qt is the so – called" official " client of the network, which is developed and promoted by Bitcoin Foundation, a non-profit organization uniting core developers and responsible for the community's contacts with corporations and governments.Bitcoin Foundation branches are opened in several dozens of countries around the world. Bitcoin Core should also work on most other Unix-like systems but is not as frequently tested on them. From Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 onwards, macOS versions earlier than 10.10 are no longer supported, as Bitcoin Core is now built using Qt 5.9.x which requires macOS 10.10+. Additionally, Bitcoin Core does not yet change appearance when macOS “dark ... Bitcoin Core is extensively tested on multiple operating systems using the Linux kernel, macOS 10.8+, and Windows Vista and later. Windows XP is not supported. Bitcoin Core should also work on most other Unix-like systems but is not frequently tested on them. Notable changes Denial-of-Service vulnerability 1. Install Bitcoin-Qt Since version 0.9, Bitcoin-Qt was renamed to Bitcoin Core t o reduce confusion between Bitcoin-the-network and Bitcoin-the-software. Bitcoin Core is a full Bitcoin client. It is a thick client, meaning it requires the full blockchain (explained below) on local disk to operate and expose blockchain back to the network to help relay and verify transactions. Bitcoin Core initial synchronization will take time and download a lot of data. You should make sure that you have enough bandwidth and storage for the full block chain size (over 350GB). If you have a good Internet connection, you can help strengthen the network by keeping your PC running with Bitcoin Core and port 8333 open.

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2018 03 04 How to Use the Bitcoin Core Wallet Part 1

Bitcoin-QT wallet review - Duration: 8:53. Secure Your Wallet 5,110 views. 8:53 . This is what happens when you reply to spam email James Veitch - Duration: 9:49. TED Recommended for you. 9:49 ... -Bitcoin Core Aktuelle Version : 0.13.1 (Aus dem Video) 4-5 Tage Dauert das Runter laden der 115BG grossen Blockchain . Nur mit diesen Client (bitcoin-qt.exe) und TOR bist du recht sicher. Setup Bitcoin Core Wallet Bitcoin core wallet ... 6. bitcoin-qt - Duration: 6:50. 402 Payment Required 868 views. 6:50. Bitcoin Core Wallet Video # 1 - Duration: 10:48. Mike Rossi 4,925 views ... Hello everyone, just a quick video about the details around the newest bitcoin core QT wallet version and why you should update. Forum Post: https://bitcoint... Binance СЕО LIVE: Bitcoin price prediction & Givе Awaу BTC Binance 3,674 watching Live now Hard Forks Killing Bitcoin, $100,000 TRON Bounty And Ethereum Passes Bitcoin - Duration: 28:07.