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[How To]Full Node (Beta) + GUI + Staking on Raspberry PI 3

Hello everyone,
With the Full Node Beta recently being released on 3/28 and the Full Node GUI on 4/11, I thought it would be an excellent time to update the RPi tutorial by olcko and demon for the RPi. I've been running it now for about 1 week and it has been working great so far, but I haven't been connected to many peers running the full node. Hopefully this tutorial will help change that!
This tutorial will take over from the previous tutorial's step 4. Steps 1-3 cover installing Raspbian and SSH on the RPi and are excellent.
mkdir StratisFullNode
cd StratisFullNode
git clone
cd StratisBitcoinFullNode
git submodule update --init --recursive
cd src
cd Stratis.StratisD
run -apiuri=
The "apiuri" option enables access to the API from another device on your network (Thanks Daan Damhuis!).
That's it! Your node should be running now, but may take a while to sync. You can test the node's API by pointing your browser to http://:37221/swagge
If you don't plan on using RPC, make sure you follow the instructions from the previous tutorial step 3 to block RPC connections.
sudo ufw deny 16174
Full Node GUI Setup
Now that the Core Daemon is running, we can install the GUI frontend. We will be following the instructions from here. The GUI that interacts with the node can be installed on the RPi or another device on your network (with some tweaks to the underlying code, below).
cd ~/StratisFullNode
git clone
cd FullNodeUI/FullNodeUI.UI
npm run mainnet
That's it! Go ahead and set up your new wallet!
Remote GUI Tweaks
I'm adding this section for RPi owners who don't run a GUI on their RPi device, but may want to run the GUI on another device on their network. This can be done because the GUI interacts with the full node through the API; however it will take some tweaks to the code before compiling to make this set-up work. The instructions for "Full Node GUI Setup" above should be run on that device.
There is one place in the code where you need to replace "localhost" with your RPi's local private network IP address.
  • src/app/shared/services/api.service.ts#38
this.stratisApiUrl = 'http://:' + this.apiPort + '/api';
You will also need to comment out a few sections to prevent the GUI from starting up or shutting down the full node when you open/close the GUI.
  • main.ts#86
  • main.ts#96
Helpful RPi tips for remote management
  • Use Screen + SSH! Screen is a wonderful utility that will leave your session running when you disconnect from ssh. This is available via sudo apt-get install screen on your RPi. You can reconnect when you return at another ssh session with:
screen -x
  • Sometimes the full node on your RPi will hang or unexpectedly crash - stopping staking in the process. Borrowing from here, I have created a script that will monitor for hangs or crashes and restart the node.
  • If the node is restarted, you will still need to re-enable staking. This can be accomplished through the GUI, a browser using swagger, or with an API call through a local script (insecure).
Sample helper scripts, including a .screenrc configuration, for the above can be found in a pastebin here.
Example API calls can be found on the full node's swagger API interface.
  • Note: your wallet passphrase must be sent via POST to re-enable staking.
I hope you found this helpful!
Please feel free to message me with questions/errors/improvements or find me on the discord/telegram as @TjadenFroyda. I'll update this post with feedback.
Donations are welcome as well: SNSwQVvB5FB6KPVT7325tJGWXbxVd4xceR
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